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Individual use

This Mindfulness Plus Free App, created by Clooser2, is the perfect way to get more familiar with mindfulness at your own pace, or to deepen your own experience with mindfulness and expand on your mindfulness skills.

Learn to incorporate the basic principles of mindfulness in a simple manner, while learning to anchor them in your daily life with this Mindfulness App. The App contains:

  • The full Basic Mindfulness Training
  • The full Advanced Mindfulness Training, both created by Karien Cloostermans
  • All accompanying meditations (audio files)
  • The Motivator App to practice new behaviours
  • All lessons can be downloaded in three languages: Dutch, English and German

The books are divided in various lessons, where the introduction and the first lesson of both trainings are totally free! The main viewpoint is that if you want to become free from the inside out, you become your own specialist.

Each lesson has a different central theme. For example, you will learn about the autopilot, how to deal with obstacles, and learn to develop a compassionate, accepting attitude. The app offers you the ideal opportunity to do this in your own pace and according to your own chosen intensity.

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This Mindfulness Plus Free App is a product created by educational institute Clooser2.
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Information for businesses

Does your staff experience stress, unrest or concentration problems? Do they operate within a stressful working environment? Is there a need for a good balance between work and personal life, so that there is more room for energy and a renewed point-of-view? This MindfulnessApp provides a solution for your employees, which they can use to get gradually familiar with Mindfulness; this in their own tempo and with an intensity that is comfortable for them.

Visit the website of Clooser2, or send an email to to get more familiar with this program or to acquire obligation-free information to see if we could do something for your business or your staff.