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Change ingrained, ineffective patterns of behaviour with the Motivator-app! The motivator supports you in bringing a personal decision into practice. Such a decision is also known as an affirmation.

“The Motivator-app; your personal assistant in changing behaviour”

Scientific research shows that the key to succesful behavioural change is not getting motivated, but staying motivated in the long run. Due to our busy daily lifestyle good intentions are often forgotten as we get distracted by the plenty of temptations that our environment offers. Changing behaviour therefor needs rhythm and focus.

The motivator app is your personal assistant in successfully changing the image of yourself or your behaviour. Within the app you take decisions and you set your goals. After, you choose the frequency of being reminded of your intentions. During though moments, when distractions jeopardize your intentions, the app reminds you of your goals. When you are being reminded of your goal, there is no action involved. No swyping or change in settings is needed. The only thing you do is repeating the message within yourself with full attention. In this way, distraction of your current activities is minimalized. With little effort you create a  new ‘trail’ in your brains. The rhythm of focused attention offers discipline and freedom at once. Namely, the freedom to choose to fundamentally change your convictions or behaviour, and the discipline to bring your decision into practice.

Do you want to learn to accept yourself fully? The motivator reminds you frequently of your decision, which causes your subconscious to work for you by adapting its trails in that direction.

Do you want to become more healthy by eating, for example, more fruit? The motivator gives you a sign on a chosen point of time every day, displaying a personal message that motivates you. You can pay attention to the activities that keep you busy, while your personal assistance is watching over your goals. Changing behaviour has never been simple and effective!

Step 1: Decide your personal decision or goal and enter this into the field: ‘message’

For example: I have trust in myself

Step 2: Set the starting time, ending time and the days on which you want to be reminded

For example: you want to be reminded on the days you work. Select the days you work, and clear the days that make up your weekend.

Step 3: Indicate the frequency you want to be reminded with.

Step 4: Set the signal of your reminder: vibration, sound, or both.

Step 5: Click on ‘save’ in the upper right corner.

Now let the motivator do its job! Experience how easy achieving your goals can be. Download the Clooser2 motivator in the appstore or on google play!

The motivator, offered to you by Clooser2.